#10 - Discourse and Context in Langauge Teaching

This is a summary of the 4 skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading based on the book: Celce-Murcia, M. & Olshtain, E. (2000): Discourse and Context in Language Teaching. A   Guide for Language Teachers. Chapters 6, 7, 8 &; 9. U.K.: CUP.

#9 - Thesis statement

WHAT IS A THESIS STATEMENT? üIt's the single, specific claim that your essay supports. üIt is not simply an observation, a question or a promise. It includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning.
PARTS OF A THESIS STATEMENT 1.The subject: the topic of your essay. 2.The precise opinion: your opinion on the subject of your essay. 3.The blueprint of reasons: This is where you show your reader how you plan to argue and prove your opinion. Typically, you should have 3 strong pieces of evidence to support your opinion. Later, you will expand on each detail in the body of the essay.
The Thesis Statement tells your reader: üWhere you are going in your essay. üHow you plan on getting there.
·YOUR TOPIC: what your paper will deal with. ·YOUR CLAIM: what you think about the topic. ·REASONS THAT SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM: 3 points that will persuade your readers to believe your claim.

These points can be …

#8 - Literary essay

The outsider For centuries, psychologists have emphasized that the sense of belonging is a human need, just as the need for food and shelter. Yet there have always been individuals who do not belong because of political, ethnic, sexual or religious differences. This provokes a feeling of loneliness, of living surrounded by people and alone at the same time. The idea that there are –and have been- outsiders in our society is reflected in many famous singers´ lyrics such as U2, Sting and Elton John. In his song “An Englishman in New York”, Sting presents an English gay author living in New York and his experiences as an outcast. The famous Quentin Crisp, who moved from London to New York in 1986, defined himself as “an alien”. As his costumes, modals and homosexual lifestyle were not the popular ones at that time, he did not belong to the society, he was not part of it. People ignored him and this made him suffer, as it is clearly reflected when he says “it takes a man to suffer ignoranc…

#7 - From paragraph to essay

From paragraph to essay
Book: Hudson, H & Imhoof M. "From Paragraph to Essay. Developing Composition Writing" Longman.  Paragraph development by listing
This type of paragraphs have several parts. First, paragraph introducers (both a topic introducer and a topic sentence or just a topic sentence). Next, supporting examples are listed with the aid of connectors. Sometimes transitions or modulator sentences are used between different sets of ideas. Finally, a terminator sentence brings the paragraph to a logical conclusion.
Example: Human heart needs medicine to be kind, generous, humble and helpful.First, we have to read The Koran with its meaning. That makes us know the good values from the Koran. Second, we have to do night praying like Tahajud; by that praying we get good relationship with Allah. Third, we have to empty our stomach by fasting like we fast on Monday or Thursday. Fourth, we must gather with pious people because we can get the good sample from them. Last, we …

#6 - Well written paragraph

Parts of a Paragraph - English Academic Writing Introduction, from English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESLvid) site:  https://www.engvid.com/introduction-to-english-academic-writing-parts-of-a-paragraph/
Summary of the video

Parts of a paragraph

1. Topic Sentence

Ask yourself: "What is the subject?" "What am I going to write about?"2. Body
It is the heart of the paragraphThe arguments can be ordered according to their importance or their chronology3. Closing sentence It has two main functions:To restate the topic sentence but in a different way. You remind the audience what you are talking aboutTo keep the readers thinking after they finished readingExamples of well written paragraphs with their corresponding topic sentences 1.Topic sentence: Many politicians deplore the passing of the old family-sized farm, but I'm not so sure. I saw around Velva a release from what was like slavery to the tyrannical soil, release from the ignorance that darkens the soul and fro…

#5 - Oral & Written assignment

Group presentation on "Speaking", based on the book: Celce-Murcia, M. & Olshtain, E. (2000): Discourse and Context in Language Teaching. A   Guide for Language Teachers. Chapters 6, 7, 8 &; 9. U.K.: CUP.Choosing the linguistic features de Evelyn Blasón

#4 - Chapters 10 & 11

This is an assesment instrument developed taking into consideration the book "The study of language", written by Yule, G (2016); Chapters 10 & 11 . U.K.: CUP.